We offer the following Davis Programs provided by a Licensed Davis Facilitator for clients aged 8 to 108:

Davis Dyslexia Correction Program® - for clients with reading, writing and spelling difficulties. This program is detailed in
The Gift of Dyslexia. 

Davis Attention Mastery™  Program- for clients with behavior issues or trouble with life skills like organization and social relationships. This program is detailed in The Gift of Learning.

Davis Math Mastery™  Program- I like to call this "math for picture thinkers". This program is for clients who are experiencing difficulty with math. This program is detailed in the Gift of Learning. 

Dysgraphia Correction - not a separate program because poor handwriting can have several causes. All Davis Dyslexia Program Facilitators are trained to identify the cause(s) of dysgraphia and use the appropriate procedures to eliminate the problem. 

Davis Reading Program for Young Learners™ - for younger clients and parents. This program is ideal for families wishing to prevent learning difficulties or for families with a younger child just beginning to struggle. 

Note: Ron Davis' books are available from Dyslexia and ADD Alternatives at cost. Contact us for more information. 

Why is dyslexia a gift?

 Great News! We now offer the Davis Autism
This unique and innovative program
offers individuals with Asperger's and Autism the ability to
participate fully in life. For more information, contact us or take a look at the website www.autismsolutionontario.com

What is the Davis™ Method?

Why Davis Works

My daughter was sooooo excited to meet Ron at his lecture on September 10th, 2009 in Oakville! (Picture by John Waterson)

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Dyslexia, ADD & ASD Alternatives offers unique and innovative programs to actually solve the problem... read on... 

When I was madly searching for help for my own child 3 years ago, I happened on the book The Gift of Dyslexia. It was the first time that I read anything that recognized my child's inate talent and didn't describe her as "disabled".  What a spin! It was also the only thing I could find that explained WHY she was having trouble and HOW to fix it. It was the first time anything made sense - how she could read words like caterpillar but she could not figure out the difference between the words "what" and "that". It was also the only thing that explained why one day she could read and the next day (or minute!) she couldn't.

​Her teachers were skeptical. Davis is so unlike anything they had ever encountered. They also weren't sure a week out of school was a good thing for a student already struggling. However, they were convinced when she came back reading at grade level! They couldn't believe that she no longer needed to take breaks from the classroom to walk around to regain her focus. In fact, they were so convinced, that they brought some of the strategies into their classroom for the whole group.

​On the last day of my daughter's program she smiled, held her head high and read from a chapter book that I had been reading to her. She couldn't get through a paragraph of it a week before even with assistance. More importantly, she enjoyed reading it because she understood what she read. And she liked it! I wanted to be able to give this to other children, and now, as a Licensed Davis Facilitator, I can. 

The Davis approach is not based on tutoring or drill, but actually resolves the root causes of problems experienced by individuals with language-based learning difficulties. The Davis program is explained in detail in the book, The Gift of Dyslexia. 

Real Solutions for Learning Disabilities affecting reading, writing, math and focus/attention, behaviour and social skills including Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, PDD-NOS and other Autism Spectrum Disorders. Serving Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Georgetown & many other townships in Ontario. 
Also serving areas of Nova Scotia during the summer months.

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​​​​​Elizabeth L. Currie Shier, B.Sc.       
Licensed Davis™ Facilitator, Licensed Davis Autism Approach® Facilitator/Coach    

Dyslexic people are visual, multi-dimensional thinkers. We are intuitive and highly creative, and excel at hands-on learning. Because we think in pictures, it is sometimes hard for us to understand letters, numbers, symbols, and written words.

​We can learn to read, write and study efficiently when we use methods geared to our unique learning style. (See www.dyslexia.com to read more information directly from the main website of Davis Dyslexia.)

To read the article "The 37 Common Characteristics of Dyslexia" go to: www.dyslexia.com/library/symptoms.htm