​​​​​Elizabeth L. Currie Shier, B.Sc.       
Licensed Davis™ Facilitator, Licensed Davis Autism Approach® Facilitator/Coach    

Dyslexia, ADHD & Autism Alternatives

Davis Reading Program for Young Learners

Davis Reading Program for Young Learners™ 

​More and more families are interested in programs that give their child a leg up in reading and math. Research evidence demonstrates that children who are exposed to Davis methods between the ages of 5 and 7 are unlikely to go on to develop learning problems. Further, they are significantly more likely to be enrolled in gifted programs. Also, their basic word recognition will be among the highest levels expected for their age group. A family enrolled in a Davis Reading Program for Young Learners receives a program designed for the needs of their child and family with a Licensed Davis Facilitator. It is often facilitated over 10 half days. It includes the Davis methods for focus, attention, and energy control. As with all Davis programs, clay is used to make learning fun, friendly and fulfilling. Children who are part of the Davis Reading Program for Young Learners get the best possible start to their learning career.

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